India to focus on technology adaptation

  •   September 24, 2012

India could focus on adaptation by developing innovative technologies as experts have claimed that mitigation alone will not be sufficient to combat climate change. Stressing the need to create adaptation programmes to deal with climate change, Environment Ministry Secretary T Chatterjee has said the country should encourage off-grid power generation systems especially by using biodiesel from slaughterhouse waste and palm oil waste. The inauguration of the 'India Carbon Market Conclave 2012' took place this month, organised by FICCI and Environment Ministry in partnership with the World Bank and the German Environment Ministry. The FICCI Knowledge Paper 'Climathon: From Durban to Doha'  has also been released to mark  the occasion. The knowledge paper summarises developments both in the global arena and within India in the realm of climate change.

The source for this article can be viewed here

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